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  • The Mattress Buddy is a new refreshing initiative. 
  • Technology driven (trend setting, customer interactive, etc.).
  • It's a Game Changer.
  • Obtain First Mover Advantage by not delaying implementation of The Mattress Buddy in your country, city or town.
  • Cost effective system & easy to use and to implement in store. (Also, The Mattress Buddy app. doesn't require additional computer hardware or special equipment).
  • From the customer side it simplifies choosing and buying the right bed or mattress.
  • The Mattress Buddy naturally up-sells in most instances (It satisfies customer needs and is not product or price driven).
  • From the sales consultant side it simplifies identifying and selling the right beds or mattresses to customers based on their needs (The Mattress Buddy 'coordinates the sales message' and brings new sales associates up to speed in no time).
  • In fact The Mattress Buddy simplifies to whole sales process (N.B. The focus is on satisfying customer needs rather than selling on price and/or product).
  • Increases customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Minimises customer complaints, product comebacks & returns, which obviously is beneficial to the retailer, supplier / manufacturer and customer.
  • Customer scores will go up and costly returns will go down.
  • The Mattress Buddy is a major opportunity for any retail group or single bed retailer to increase sales substantially. 



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