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An anomaly which The Mattress Buddy App. addresses is the following, best explained by way of an example:

Person 1 is 160cm Tall and Weighs   79kg    (Equates to: Person 1 is 63 inches Tall and Weighs 174 pounds)

Person 2 is 180cm Tall and Weighs 100kg    (Equates to: Person 2 is 71 inches Tall and Weighs 220 pounds)

Ironically they both require the same 'Minimum Required mattress Support weight' (MRS) due to the fact that they have their own unique body shape & mass.

N.B. This is one of the main reasons why there are customer dissatisfaction and product comeback issues in the bedding industry, due to the fact  that mattresses which can generally not sufficiently support particular body shapes are recommended and sold to customers. This is obviously a general ignorance issue in the bedding industry which The Mattress Buddy App. addresses on a mathematically formulated, practically tried and tested basis by means of the use of appropriate technology.




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