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The Mattress Buddy (TMB) affords bed retailers worldwide the use of unique and cost effective technology to step up their game, which also provides an edge in a very competitive industry.

The Mattress Buddy uses a practical and sensible scientifically formulated method to help customers choose the right bed. It's a different analogy to what's traditionally being used in the bedding industry. It focuses more on customer needs rather than on price and/or product.  

The Mattress Buddy is a vast improvement on traditional bed matching & selling methods and practices. It's completely different to other bed selector tools which functionality is generally and primarily based on the 'soft, medium, firm' principal of selecting mattresses. The functionality of The Mattress Buddy is unique, quick, to the point, accurate and easy to use, with immediate results! The Mattress Buddy is not your typical mattress selector, it's a business support tool. 

The sales consultant inputs the customer's height (length) and weight into The Mattress Buddy APP. screen, and within seconds generates a Minimum Required mattress Support weight (MRS) unique to the customer, based on a maths equation with appropriately researched and practically tried and tested variables. (N.B. The App. also has a built-in conversion calculator: pounds to kilograms and inches to centimeters and visa versa depending on the Version of the App).

The consultant then points out the ideal bed(s) on the showroom floor with a Weight Rating at least equal to but ideally higher than the customer's unique 'MRS'. If the bed is shared with a partner the highest 'MRS' of the two is used. This is the primary and most important phase in choosing the right bed. The customer then 'rest test' the bed(s) identified by THE MATTRESS BUDDY and makes a final choice by purchasing a bed also with the right combination of comfort & luxury levels that suits his/her requirement and budget.    

Their are two main versions of 'TMB' app, an International version with main configuration in kilograms and centimeters and a USA version with main configuration in pounds and inches.

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